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Lighting DIY Kit LED Lighting for Book Nook or Roombox

Lighting DIY Kit LED Lighting for Book Nook or Roombox

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Lighting DIY kit with two LED, switch and battery holder for lighting your Book Nook, Roombox or Diorama.


Are you looking for a way to illuminate your Book Nook or Roombox Diorama? With these two LED's you can set specific light. Among the product images are sample images for lighting in the diorama. The connection of the cables is straightforward and easy to understand with the instructions provided.

You will get two warm white LEDs, a switch (with a template for the cutout to insert it on the case), a battery holder (for AA batteries), shrink tube (so that there is no short circuit) and instructions on how to swirl the cables. Look here how easy it is.

Switches and LEDs were wired and checked by hand by me.

On request, I can replace the warm white LED with colored or color change LED if the desired LED can be found in my warehouse.

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