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Book Nook with Mirror DIY Kit

Book Nook with Mirror DIY Kit

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Book Nook DIY Kit with mirror, kit for a diorama on your bookshelf.

Size: 20cm high, 10cm wide and 17cm deep


Would you like to make a Book Nook yourself that looks bigger on the inside than it is? I don't need to tell you that this is a mirror illusion because you are currently looking at the Book Nook with mirror. You can easily cut holes in the double side walls for windows that can be illuminated from behind.

What kind of topic should your BookNook have? Do you already have an idea how you would like to use the reflection? Or are you still missing a few ideas? Like to write to me or take a look My Pinterest page Over. There you will find inspiration and also wallpaper and other things that may fit into your BookNook diorama.

The 3mm sturdy laser-cut fin cardboard (more info here)- the parts are simply plugged together and glued. Look Here in the building instructions How easy this is done. Under the building instructions you will also find ideas for lighting your diorama. The back of the BookNook is closed with a flap and, due to the oblique mirror position, has Stairam for cables and battery holders. The oblique position of the mirror ensures that you do not see yourself but the impression arises that the space is deeper. You can put an infinite space or a long street in your bookshelf between the books. Design a small room that reminds you of your favorite book or a world in which you would like to immerse yourself and lose again and again. Enchanting your guests with an eye-catcher that provides a topic of conversation.

Why are there two outer walls with a gap in between? Here you can use the interior walls, for example, to integrate windows for lighting or to hide cables or LEDs. So that the gap is no longer visible later, you glue a frame on the front. Since the lighting is as individual as your idea, this set does NOT include but Here you will find ideas for lighting And also a Lighting kit .

If you have a special idea and can't find any suitable miniatures, please write to me. I'll see if I have the right part in my archive. My scale is 1:12 but other scales are also possible.

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