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Ceiling lamp in scale 1:12

Ceiling lamp in scale 1:12

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1:12 scale miniature ceiling lamp

Size: 8cm diameter, 25mm high | 3.14 diamond, 0.98 inch high


The right lighting for a Book Nook, Diorama or Dollhouse is always a challenge. For the magical library, I needed a light from above that illuminates the roombox without outshining.

The semicircular dome was printed in a 3D printer, pasted with golden ornaments and sealed with clear varnish. The dome is glued to a ring of finnboard that has been painted brown.

To install it, you drill a hole in the ceiling of your diorama box, through which you can thread the LED light chain. Before threading the lamp should stick firmly in place. If the light color looks more yellow, you can paint the LED thinly with yellow paint.

You can choose between four different individual pieces. Available only while stocks last.

An LED fairy lights is included.

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