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Motivational Decoration Relax 3D Image

Motivational Decoration Relax 3D Image

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Handmade single piece 3D picture motivational art

Size: 23x23 cm + corkscrew


Do you also know that too many thoughts come down on you in an uncontrolled manner, especially when you come to rest? Here you have the cork in your hand! You have the power over how much and how quickly the thought bubbles interrupt the meditation and by pulling the cork up.

So that it remains a mood tool and can not only be used once, you turn the picture upside down until the beads are up again and then put the cork back in.

The picture consists of several layers of plywood and a plexiglass disc. The meditating person and the two cats were engraved with a laser and cut out. The picture is hand-painted and a real one-off that is not made a second time.

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