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DIY Kit Magic Library

DIY Kit Magic Library

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DIY kit magic library base box with mirror and shelf

Size: 21 cm x 21 cm x 21 cm


A roombox divided by a Gothic archway. In the back room is a mirror and a shelf. The mirror visually lengthens the shelf and creates the impression that a corridor leads to the library. Whether you make a library out of it like me or have a completely different idea, here you can get creative.

The box is cut from 3mm finnboard with a laser and comes in individual parts that only have to be put together and glued according to the instructions.

You can find inspiration and a guide HERE!

To fill your shelf, you will find a wide selection in the category Miniatures

Is this Roombox too big for you, would you rather have a Book Nook? HERE! you will find this magical library as a Book Nook kit.

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