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1:12 scale flying cat

1:12 scale flying cat

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Hand-painted miniature cat with fluorescent wings from 3D printer

Size: 1:12 Scale

that. 5x7x3mm


This cat brings life into your witches or magic diorama!

It is printed with green fluorescing material (which is charged with light, shines) and then hand-painted. Due to the black color of the cat, the material cannot charge its luminosity, so that only the wings shine.

With a wire you can attach the cat so that it flies through your diorama.

The printing material is a sustainable PLA that is made from recycled plastic. The miniature layer is built up in print. The transitions of the individual layers are often visible in the photos. This is increasingly displayed because the miniatures are photographed enlarged. With a normal viewing distance, however, they are hardly visible.

The miniature is made for decoration and is not suitable for children and for playing.

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