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Roombox kit with 1:12 scale door

Roombox kit with 1:12 scale door

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Base Roombox for Miniature Diorama Book Nook, Including Shelf and Door

Size: 140x143x210mm

For 1:12 scale miniatures


What does your roombox look like with a door? My prototype has become an 80 s video store in which a small green jelly ghost is up to mischief. He is grabbing his favorite film and clearing the shelf and sorting the VHS films from the shelf.

This Roombox is a kit that leaves a lot of creative scope. The door can be inserted on the shelf or in the back wall. It can be opened and you also get a doorknob. The shelves have 22mm in height for miniatures on a scale of 1:24 to 1:12

On the back is a door and behind it is a compartment for lighting electronics. You can find the right LED lighting > Here <

All parts are engraved with a laser and cut from finnboard (More info here) . They can be easily put together and glued.

You can stick the material and paint it with acrylic paints.

You need help assembling, please write to me.

If you would like to recreate such a video store, you will find > Here < The matching VHS films.

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