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Forest Diorama Roombox with Mirror

Forest Diorama Roombox with Mirror

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You followed the monthly theme "Tea Party in the Magic Forest" and would you also like to make a Waldorama? In this forest diorama does not necessarily have to take place a tea party so you can get the box with or without a table and chairs.

You haven't seen my forest diorama? Then let yourself be inspired right here!

For decorating you will find matching miniatures in scale 1:24 - 1:12 in mine Shop .

With this kit you get:

  • Roombox
  • Two mirror tiles stickers (in the photos still blue because I have not peeled off the protective film)
  • Three trees
  • Of choice table with four chairs

The finished box is approx. 30cm high, 20cm wide and 22cm deep.

All parts are cut with a laser and partially engraved. They can simply be put together and glued. With this box it is so that you can decorate it open and only finally put the lid on.

This DIY project was designed by me and cut and engraved with a laser in my small workshop on Diagon Alley. When it comes to packaging, I make sure that it is environmentally friendly and/or reused i.e. If plastic is in your box it was not bought by me but was sent to me once before.
Should you find that your order is missing something please write to me. And I am also happy to help with questions about assembly.

For this roombox you can now get a roof to hide lighting electronics. Look right here!

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