Bauanleitung Bar mit Tresen

Bar with counter building instructions

You have the parts in front of you and want to get to work? Then you need the following things:

  • a glue stick
  • Craft glue (my favorite: Ponal Express)
  • some masking tape (if you don't have enough patience to hold on)
  • a cloth or blade to wipe away excess glue

Let's start with the bar cabinet:

first glue the bottom, lid and middle parts together, as in the picture. You can use glue or a glue stick for this.

You do the same with the doors and side panels.

Make sure that the arrows point in the same direction!

When the glue has dried, you can glue in the shelves.

It becomes a bit more stable when the middle section is plugged in.

Inserting the doors is a bit of a puzzle, but if you stick them into the ground first, you can thread the doors in the middle section.

When you glue on the back wall, the cabinet is almost finished.

The excess glue should always be wiped off well, as the paint will not hold well on the glue areas later.

Finally, just glue in the trim strip at the top and then continue with the counter.

You start again with the base, lid and side panels

and glue the front parts together

Glue in the intermediate floor and attach a little glue to the floor.

Now just glue on the lid and the front part.

If you have any questions, write to me right away, I'll try to help quickly.

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