Bauanleitung Book Nook magische Bibliothek

Building instructions Book Nook magic library

Your Book Nook Kit is in front of you and you want to finally start tinkering?

Then all you need is:

  • A glue stick
  • Wood glue (Ponal Express-I prefer to use)
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • Sharp knife
  • Painter crepe or washitape to fix


  • Lighting, e.g. LED string lights
  • Miniatures in scale 1:12
  • Egg cardboard

Glue the stair parts together first

You can simply paint the stairs with acrylic paints or, as here in the example: cut small stones out of egg cardboard and stick them on.

You can also use a sharp knife to carve the stones into the material, as here with the lower steps.

Painted with different shades of gray, it can look like a real stone staircase.

Next, glue the gothic bow together with a glue stick. An example of the design is still in progress.

You put the shelf together and stick it with glue .....

. .. And paint it according to your ideas as soon as the glue has dried.

Decorate books or other miniatures on a scale of 1:12-you will find them HERE!

Before you design the base plate, insert the back wall and check that it is right around. The rear area is shorter as the front one. Try out if you can attach the side parts to the left and right! If that doesn't fit, turn the floor slab!

If you have all the parts painted, you can also glue them together

Before you set up the mirror and shelf, you should think about the lighting. As can be seen here, my solution is an LED chain of lights that I distributed in the back room. For this purpose, three LEDs are always whirled together and glued on with hot glue.

I glued four LEDs into the flying books and wrapped them around the wire (which makes the books "fly"). So there is also some light in the front room without outshining.

Now you can put the shelf and the mirror on the back.

You put the shelf around so that there is no gap between the shelf and the stairs.

With the mirror, it is essential to remove the blue protective film before sticking it on.

Here is a picture of my sample piece:

You will make your very own magical library and I would be very happy if you share your finished work with me. Send me photos or share it HERE! In the miniature forum.

MUCH FUN! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to me!

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