Building instructions simple Book Nook Box

Your Book Nook Kit is in front of you and you want to finally start tinkering?

Then all you need is:

  • Wood glue (Ponal Express-I prefer to use)
  • Painter crepe or washitape to fix

Start with the hinges for the back panel. Doors to hide the electronics.

Loosen the pieces with a sharp knife.

The key with the round cutout comes into the arrow with only one slot.

Wait until the glue has dried well before connecting the hinge and securing it with the pin.

Then you can glue the hinges to their marked position.

Now you can glue the box together. I show here the assembly without wallpaper, but wallpapering is easier if you glue the walls before assembly.

To mount the doors, place them on the back of the box and fix them with some tape...

... and glue the hinges to the sides of the box.

Finally, you glue with (little!) Glue the arrows to the bows. The arrows like the bows in the opposite direction.

Have fun doing handicrafts!

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