Bauanleitung großer Buchladen

Building instructions large bookstore

You start to wallpaper the room box and then build together. Due to the small patterns, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper (you can get such blocks wherever there is a handicraft requirement) or you simply print out your own wallpaper and also floor.
Then you can put the stairs together and glue. If you want to wallpaper the stairs, you should do this before merging so that it does not become uncomfortably complicated.
The parts for this are numbered.
Second location of the same game
A small droplet always is enough so that the spacers stable.
You stick the side part with the railing in such a way to the front, with the stairs (not with the level).
Finally, put the railing parts into the plate of the upper floor and glue the railing on top. Then you can stick the upper floor onto the stairs. Now you can paint everything with acrylic paints.
Glue these two door frames together without sticking the door tightly. So that the door can also be opened barrier -free, you should split the square plugs (top and bottom of the door). I use a nail file (because of the size). Also glue to the smaller of the two supplied door knots. As soon as the glue is dry, you can paint the door and also the knob with acrylic paints.
As soon as you put the shelf together, you can push the stairs and the shelf into the room box. Now you can also put the door into the upper floor and glue the frame on the wall. Do not use too much glue so that the door can still be opened.
At the chair you first stick the seat with the surface for the chair legs. As soon as the glue is a drain, you fill the holes with a little glue and can now plug in the back and stool legs.
At the sales counter, you first put the side parts on the floors. Here is a small mark on every board that shows you which side on the back shows.
The back is infected and dabbed with a little glue beforehand. The front is also glued on and finally the engraved counter plate glued so that it locks on the left with the side part, so that the counter can be pushed completely onto the wall.
Before you can screw the front, glue the two large front parts together. Be careful that the glue is well distributed and that is well pressed when drying so that the parts do not differ when screwing. I distribute the glue here with my finger and fix the parts with a painter tape so that you cannot move when I press them with books.
When the glue is dry, I file the plugs as well as with the small door, insert the door and fix it with a small bar. This bar only sticks on the right side on the door frame, so the door can be easily opened.
The bay window is optional, if you prefer to have the large window opening without striking, you just leave it out. With an bay window, first glue on the (filled) half -arches an arch bar.
Then you stick the grille together.
It has proven itself to the end of the last two struts at the very end to stick to the sides.
Now you can paint and stick the front and then screw to your side with the three supplied hinges. Which side does not matter here.
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