Bauanleitung grosses Regal

Construction instructions large shelf

Start gluing the side parts and the floor parts together. Make sure that the writing (UP) can still be seen on the side panels.

In the case of the floor parts, it is important that the open side of the upper part ends with the edge, so that a step is created on the front.

When the glue is dry, you can insert the intermediate floors and fix them with a little glue.

Then you stick the lid on and plug in the front.

The attached cardboard is the back wall of the shelf. Glue the shelf to the cardboard and cut off the protruding with a sharp knife.

Drawers fit in the bottom three compartments. Sort the drawer parts and stick the small frame on a drawer front ....

. ... And the drawer together. As soon as the glue is dry, stick the front to the drawer. Wipe the excess glue thoroughly before it is dry so that the painting will hold in these places later.

Finally, you can paint the shelf with acrylic or other wood paints.

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