Bauanleitung verwinkelte Gasse

Building instructions winding alley

Your Diagon Alley is in front of you and you finally want to start tinkering? Well then go!

Start with the left outer wall and paint the door (with knob), frame and wall. Then you glue on the door frame and the door knob.


Not visible in the sample photo (because it was added later) is this bay window above the door. This window is optional and can but does not have to be used.

If the wall is set up later, you can put the steps in front of it.


First you glue two of the arches onto the lid and the "rungs" together and finally the lid. Depending on what you want to decorate in the window, you can glue a bottom in the middle and thus decorate the shop window one on top of the other.


Next you glue the right shop front. You glue the window together as you can see in the photos and onto the opening in the "house wall" and then you glue on the beam and window frame.

If you like it more detailed, you can add a few roofs with cardboard. For this you cut a suitable piece out of e.g. the shipping carton and split the material.

In order to be able to decorate the shop windows, now is the time to paint the miniatures.

Here are my examples of the design of the facades and shop windows:





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