Bauanleitung Zimmer unter der Treppe

Building instructions room under the stairs

You certainly already have an idea for your room box?! Wallpaper, colors and glue are ready? Let's go.....

Start sticking or painting the floor. The side to be glued is the where the hole for the door is on the left. You can also insert the door there.

If you have wallpapered the back wall, stick the stair part to the rear wall without the door neckline. Next you can put the other stair part in the ground.

So that the door can be opened, you first have to file the upper "hook" round (with a nail file it works best). Then, as here in the picture, you stick a small bar on the back (under stairs). Make sure that the glue is not on the gap so that the door can also be turned when the glue is dry. You only stick the door frame on the front.

You stuck (and stick) the blends between the two stair parts. Part of it is a bit narrower, that comes under the first stage. You stuck the steps so that the holes are on the front so that the stair railing can be inserted there.

For the stair railing, glue the two parts supplied together into a handrail. You can stick the railing in this way or grind the handrail a little round.

The box can now be decorated well when open.

Finally, you only stick the lid and side wall.

Do you have any questions? text me here And I'll try to help you quickly.

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