Lighting for Book Nook, Roombox and Diorama

You are looking for a way to illuminate your Book Nook or Roombox. Here are a few suggestions:
left to right
*The LED tealight - here without the flame. The transparent plastic part can be easily removed and the mostly white housing can be painted with acrylic paints or sticking with e.g. MOOS
*The Mini LED light chain - you can be relocated if you want to illuminate a box evenly. I rarely have the replacement button batteries at home, so I prefer to use ...
*The Mini LED light chain with AA battery owner. I always buy the one with max. 20 LED because the light is sufficient and the cable is not too long. For this I always have batteries that I top up instead of getting new batteries.
But if I want to install LEDs, for example, behind a window
or on/in a miniature object then I do this with this Miniature lighting set.
How did you illuminate your miniature work? Share your experiences with other miniatureists here.
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