Morgen zieht Familie Wichtel ein

Tomorrow's Wichtel family moves in

The Wichtel family moves in tomorrow. Have you already prepared yourself a little? An idea where your house should be? I suggest placing it on children's eyes. And if you put it on a shelf between books, you can attach light behind it. Because if the elevator lights up in the evening, when the gnomes are at home, the light gel is perfect.

Today when everyone is in bed you bring the gnome magic. You cut out the first letter and put it in the place where the house should be. There you also remove the first package or the individual parts as on a construction site. If you have the feeling that this is too inconspicuous then decorate the space a little more. When the children have construction sites, small signs and maybe even a construction site vehicle are suitable. You can find examples here on Pinterest.

Already provide pens or colors and possibly brush. The photos are only examples and inspiration. The gnome of your family will fit individually and exactly with you so that the colors look for the colors.

I wish you and your family an exciting first day.

with creative greetings


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