Tag 17 mit Familie Wichtel

Day 17 with the Wichtel family

Hello WichtelManager: in,

A visit to the Christmas market is planned today. But don't worry if there is none or you can't go on anyone today. The elves brought something that can be painted.

Handicraft tip for candy bars decoration at the window:

  • Put the candy rod on white paper and draw it
  • Paint that you use with strong colors (water colors or filstick)
  • Cut out the candy rod and turn the colored side downwards
  • With a little baby oil, put the paper in and then place a kitchen paper on it to remove the excess oil
  • With an iron on a small step, iron over the kitchen paper with the candy rod underneath

Now the painted picture is transparent and can be hung in the window. Of course, this does not only work with candy rods ;-)

I wish you a wonderful peaceful handicraft day.

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