Tag 2 mit Familie Wichtel

Day 2 with family Wichtel

Hello WichtelManager: in,

The house is standing, today the door and the window is added. As yesterday, cut out the second letter and fold it into an envelope. Place the letter and the associated package in front of the Wichtelhaus. Colors are needed to paint. The wood can be painted with acrylic paint, filstick or colored pencil. If everything is painted and dry, the parts on the house can be glued on.

Wichtelhaus window

First glue the window sill together and then directly on the wall under the window frame.

To make it look a little more inhabited, you can add more decoration. For example, you could cut a pergamint bag apart and glue behind the window or like a piece of curtain as in the example.

If you secretly turn on a light behind the window in the evening, it looks like the gnomes are at home. I glued a small light chain behind it but you can also place an electronic tealight behind the house.

I wrapped the lights around a pipe cleaner here and immediately bordered the house. You can get all the parts for this from Tedi, Action, Woolworth and wherever there are small craft items and Christmas decorations.

Have fun on your second Wichteltag!


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