Books Shaker Box

Do you enjoy sorting books but once you clear the bookshelf, does it start to work?!

Make a small library that you can redecorate again and again!

I bought a nice sorting box for it:

I could easily take out the compartments and stick miniature wallpaper on the box. You can find the right file HERE!

So that the books don't accidentally fall out of the box later, I secured the box with a lock:

I built a suitable shelf out of cardboard. The size of the shelf depends on your box but maybe my template will help you a little further:

You can HERE! to download.

And so that you do not have to paint the cardboard shelf parts, you can HERE! Download the "wood paneling".

You will find the books you need to fill HERE! im Shop.

The books are of course not stuck on the shelf, so that they can be tipped out and re-sorted again and again.

Have fun doing handicrafts!

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Schon wieder ein freebie – dankeschön für dein tolles Verwöhnprogramm, liebe Katrin. Und wie ich schon mitgeteilt habe – man kann es aber gar nicht oft genug sagen – ich liebe diese Bücher-Schüttelregal-Box ungemein – und ganz besonders gefällt mir deine wunderbare, KI generierte Schubladenfront! Tausen Dank dafür und allen viel Spaß beim Basteln und vergesst bitte nicht, auch bei Katrin im Shop vorbeizuschauen und einzukaufen: “That’s the absolute necessary and essential basic of Katrins life!!!!!!”


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