Meine Reise in die Welt der Miniaturen mit KatNook

My journey into the world of miniatures with KatNook

For many years I was deeply rooted in crib making and I am still enthusiastic about it. The precise, dimensionally accurate work and above all the production of the extensive range of accessories - from the stack of firewood to the mini corn cobs; of artistic details in windows, doors and roofs; buildings; fences; Ovens and lighting give me immense pleasure. However, when almost all of my friends, relatives and of course all family members themselves had already been presented with wished cribs and my own storage capacities for the sometimes very large Christmas cribs were slowly being exhausted, I was looking for an alternative balance.


When I was surfing the Internet again, I accidentally came across a photo of a book nook and delved into the subject, which completely captivated me from the start. The icing on the cake was when I discovered Katrin's wonderful book nook "bookstore" (still without a bay window) and read about the kit online. The sample photos alone caused me, as an absolute book freak, to let my thoughts wander to breathtaking ideas and stories. But when it came to overflowing the camel’s back (only in a positive sense!) was the simple production of hundreds of books with plywood bodies and the grandiose-looking linen paper covers, and I felt like I was transported mentally into a large library with countless old, precious books and manuscripts. The imaginary smell of heavy leather bindings, dry paper and parchment as well as the fine shine of the gilt edges arose mentally. And so, what was simply a logical consequence and had to come: I contacted Katrin, let her know my special wishes and ideas for additions to the book nooks "bookstore" I coveted - e.g. lots of extra shelves and more lighting for the bookshop - and the prompt, reliable and high-quality implementation of my wishes was just great. So I ordered - I couldn't help it - Katrin gave me a lot of help here too and together with her also totally lovable "background brain" Rob, she gave me an incomparable service (I'm absolutely not a computer expert and technically in this respect - also because of mine age - rather less gifted and unfortunately still resistant to advice). When their first delivery arrived, I immediately got down to my first miniature books and prefabricated them in bulk - "After all, one can never have enough books!" - be it in real life or in the wonderful world of the miniatures.

And then the assembly of the book nook began: working with wood glue and in small areas also with hot glue; staining and painting the wooden parts; wallpapering with small-patterned origami paper or elephant skin paper; Felt as a floor covering (later a kind of miniature carpet was added); painting/gilding and equipping the picture frames with pictures, sayings and writing, and finally filling and equipping the many shelves with the books in the finest assembly work with tweezers (tweezers have now become my most used tool - I have also significantly improved my stock and a variety of which in stock!). Every step, no matter how small, brought me further; made me look for alternatives and at the same time stimulated my imagination even more for the next works and objects. In the meantime, I have been able to make many work steps easier, change and also make them cheaper – also thanks to my knowledge from crib construction. So I am almost exclusively limited to the use of powder paints/color pigments (e.g. Bösner artist paints) together with e.g. Capaplex (acrylic base; diluted with 3 parts water; used for mixing the colors - this brings radiance and shine to the colors; is absolutely lightfast and has changed the durability of expensive acrylic paints) because these paints can be used extremely sparingly and the costs are therefore very low. I always mix wood stains in different shades from one or more letters and then keep them in screw-top jars. Cut-outs from the letters and small stained sample wood plates - glued to the cover - make it easier to use them later. I use inexpensive pale gold (e.g. Pelikan/Plaka) for gilding or refining the book edges, but also for picture frames and engraved wooden parts, which I apply very thinly and completely dry with bristle brushes. Incidentally, with old, no longer very attractive or in some cases not optimally cleaned bristle brushes, the bristles can be shortened, cut back and shaped so that they can be used for a longer period of time - especially for gilding work with a very dry paint application! For example, I usually use inexpensive liquid curd soap or cheap washing-up liquid to clean my brushes efficiently. In order to make the "leather book covers" look even more noble and genuine, To remove tiny white spots caused by bending or cutting, I always work the bent or cut edges with a slightly dry application of paint in the main cover color or similar. (simply wipe off excess paint with your finger) and finally, as a kind of varnish and also because of the wonderful scent, polish in a touch of colorless leather care wax with a soft cloth - especially on the spines of the books (do not apply everywhere, otherwise the final assembly of stacks of books or . shelf assembly the adhesive does not hold so well). For example, I use colorless "buffalo wax" - a very high-quality leather and wood care product. Incidentally, you can also use it to make wonderfully natural, but also painted/stained wooden surfaces shine and maintain/protect them in the long term. I have also entered some of these tips in the ratings for Katrin's products. left as comments in their building instructions. All my tips/product mentions are only due to my own feelings and my personal experiences and do not represent any evaluation or intended influencing of third parties and they partly come from my own crib building practice.


In the course of time - also with all the changes and Katrin's rather unplanned change from an online sales platform to her miniature construction company with complex own marketing; With her extremely creative and more than amiable and totally service-oriented manner, she completely won me over to herself and her projects and products - and so, thanks to her creativity, I have been able to acquire many small, wonderful things, process them and incorporate them into my own projects. The exchange with Katrin has become more and more intensive and she is the ideal counterpart to implement my ideas perfectly in terms of craftsmanship and technology. In the meantime I have made and built many miniatures - and there has not yet been a single one that was not equipped with at least several products from Katrin's production.

What always amazes me and makes me happy is how lovingly she packs and ships her products - while working in an absolutely sustainable, resource- and climate-friendly way. All her little glassine bags, the unbleached kraft paper labels, the paper bags - simply wonderful. I keep it all and continue to use it myself - thank you for that too, dear Katrin! Every package from KatNook is like a wonderful gift and always a delightful experience to open!


That's it for today - see you soon at - Gertrude

PS.: You can see some of my work on Pinterest under @gertrude2470 under "Miniatures/Dioramas" - folder "My self-made miniatures" or "Crib making" - folder "Own, self-made cribs" "Pins tried by you", etc


See you soon in the wonderful world of miniatures!

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