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Everything is getting more expensive, I certainly don't have to tell you. So also the wood prices that have now been increased by 160%.

I have been struggling with having to raise my prices for a long time, but I could not get through it and looked for an alternative that did not mean any quality deductions. For this I researched a lot, tried different materials and made a choice. In the long term I will switch to Finnish wood cardboard And can therefore guarantee that the prices for my articles do not have to rise.

This material is not a wood but of wood chips that arise in wood processing. The wood chips are processed into a 4mm thick cardboard, without bleach or acid and without adding waste paper. What makes me most pleased is that this material is produced in my home country Thuringia and I can thus support a local company.

Wood is a beautiful material but also stubborn nature that brings with it a few challenges. Asthöcher that can be cut heavily and sensitive to the weather, for example, are often the reason that is often no longer able to process boards. The wood cardboard must be processed more reliably due to its even structure. Architects use it for their models and that fits great, after all you are an architect for tiny rooms.

Nothing changes for you in the processing, as well as plywood, it can be painted with acrylic paints and wood glue is glued. You can easily cut holes for lighting bores or out.

Do you have any questions about this material or are you unsure? Write to me about whatsapp or by contact form.





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