Building instructions room box with stairs

To build this room box you need

  • Wood glue
  • glue stick
  • Fixing tape
  • Acrylics
  • scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Cutter knife

First you stick the walls, floor and ceiling or paint them according to your ideas. So that the paper does not make waves here, you should use an adhesive stick and no liquid adhesive.

After the glue has dried and you cut off the protruding material, you can stick the floor with the back wall and the right side wall (which with the slot for the staircase).

So that the door does not fall out of the fishing later, stick either a small bridge over the opening (as here in the picture) or the enclosed ungravated door frames.

Then you wallpaper the front and stick the door frame with glue. Pay attention to the door frame to the right, with the lower edge of the wall, lock and 4mm to use the staircase in the floor.

Place the door in its place and now put the intermediate wall in the ground and side part and the back wall are located the counterpart.

First you paint the stair parts and then put them between the two walls. Make sure that you use the parts so that you have a straight surface for the steps.

Next you stick the steps and use the railing carriers.

You repeat the last steps on the small staircase.

Wood is a lively material and sometimes does not fit 100 percent. If you get the feeling of the lower staircase, that too much gaps arise if you do not press the side walls together. Fix both outer walls with tape while the glue dries.

Now only glue the two same glider parts together and glue them onto the railing holders after drying and fix them with tape.

Where you and whether you decorate the second door you can freely decide.

Now a lot of fun decorating your diorama.