About me


I'm Katrin the creative mind of KatNookDE

Most of the time I hide behind my work but so that you know who you are picturing here......

Thats me, unfiltered and unvarnished as always, just me.

I consider myself a bit nerdy, although most of the time I can only smile and nod during technical conversations. But actually I'm technically not that untalented. Or at least I have a creative mindset that allows me to quickly learn how to technically implement my creative ideas. Because in my little business I do most of it myself and taught myself how to do it myself. Learning by doing is my credo.

How did I get my job? Well, that's where I got stuck. The topic chose me and awakened my miniature passion.

Until April (2022) I lived near Hamburg for many years and worked as a photographer most of the time. There, in 2019, a laser moved into my life and my living room. What can this thing do? cutting and engraving. Cool what am I cutting with it now? Pizza?

Plastic, leather .... ugh the smell is nothing for me.

Wood? Oh yes wood smells good.

I decided on my material in one way or another.

And for the rest I had enough skills:

  • Fun with CAD & 3D programs
  • Passionate tinkerer and hobbyist
  • Enthusiastic enthusiasm of machines
  • Always looking for new mistress demands

And all in all, that helps me leave all the ideas out of my head.

Since it is the most exciting for me how others find themselves in my ideas, i.e. how you connect your creativity with mine and something even more wonderful emerges than I could ever come up with on my own. It's close to offering my ideas as kits that not only give me but also you fun.

My small workshop in Diagon Gasse is still quite new but I can do magic here like in my former living room where I have already sent over 2500 kits and miniatures (E .. Y) all over the world. I love my work but always living in my work called for change. Own shop? Nah! The whole world cannot visit me there. And since I like to sink into artistic chaos when working creatively, there is no solution for me either. But my brother had the right solution with a workshop in his idyllic garden. So carry on everything at the beginning and alone, learn a lot of new things and just let creativity do it.

When I'm not working, so I'm free from the creativity that finances my life (and in the end it's just my job), then I'm still an artist. Art is ONLY for me, a way of expressing myself (and a bit of therapy) without commercial thoughts and mostly without showing it to the world. Because showing my art and thus my inner being requires courage, which I rarely have in private. Introverted in my private life, extroverted at work is my daily tackle. Therefore I will probably never read this text again once it is online. But should you have read it up to this point and written questions about my confused questions, always with the questions.

Until denne


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