The Winkelgasse was the first Book Nook that I designed. So I was the first on the market with an angle streets Book Nook. Apparently I triggered a wave of inspiration that ensured that there are an incredible number of this kind today. Which, in turn, ensured to rethink and change this kit again and again until I didn't feel like it anymore. Apparently there are still some angle alleys out there that have not yet been assembled. Therefore, you will find instructions here to finish your Winkelgasse.

First design the inside. For this you can stick the prints with an adhesive stick and paint the stones or you directly paint the wood with acrylic paints. Should you have no prints send me Your email address and you get it by email.

When designing, you can let your imagination run wild. Here is an example to get more depth into the alley:

Then stick the windows, with a little glue, on the back. So that you can not look through the windows later, use the pergaminine bags. It is best to stick them onto the windows with an adhesive stick. You can now paint and stick on the front on the front. And not to forget that the oral window which you should also glue together beforehand.

Next to finish the inner box, you can glue and paint the stairs together.

For the signs you have different options, depending on which signs you want to use. Do not necessarily try to accommodate all signs, with the rest you can decorate the outside.

Now you can glue the box together. If you determine when inserting the stairs that they do not fit properly, increase the floor with the included pieces of wood. (Can vary depending on the version of the kit)

Now glue the LEDs, preferably with a little hot glue, in the middle between the windows. As can be seen here, I glued some aluminum foil on the inside of the outer box. The LEDs fuck a little outside and the aluminum foil ensure that the light is spread brighter and more evenly.

Now you only make your Book Nook shine. How to connect the cables can be found here.

Finally, stick the back and design your box from the outside.

If there are still any questions, please contact me HERE with me.

And also write to me if you want to make your own angle alley. On request, I still manufacture individual kits of this kind.

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