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1:12 scale craft book with miniatures

1:12 scale craft book with miniatures

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A craft book with a story awaits you here. Craft 75 miniature books in 1:12 scale and a matching bookcase for Miss Winterbottom.
Let yourself be enchanted and spend a few relaxing craft lessons with this miniature project.
CUT, FALT and CLIMB with simple instructions.


Miss Winterbottom loves books. She loves her so much that she reads the first book for breakfast,
Smiling her second book aside for afternoon tea
And can't sleep until she closes the last page of her third book.
Yes, you can say: Miss Winterbottom has a book problem!
But only because she lives in a very small house.
Until last week, her house was much smaller,
Many books piled up on the walls
And let the house get a little smaller every day.

But one day she found a note in a book,
Who carried a secret that was supposed to solve all her space problems.

All you need is:
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Lineal
  • Glue stick.
You also need something to tinker with the shelf
  • Paper
  • Liquid craft glue.

All images for this book were created by an AI. The illustrations, scientific content as well as readable text, do not correspond to reality but are pure digital fantasy.

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