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Attic Roombox DIY Kit

Attic Roombox DIY Kit

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Base roombox attic kit

Size: 22 cm (with roof 27cm) wide x 31 cm high and 23 cm deep

With roof * 10.6 inch


Old attics have something mysterious and at first glance I imagine an old dusty attic. But since this box is the basis for the monthly theme "the 80s are back", it will initially be a room under the roof in 80s style. You can see the finished design here soon.

What theme should your attic have? Do you already have an inspiration? Or are you still missing a few ideas? Like to write to me or take a look My Pinterest page Over. There you will find inspiration and also wallpaper and other things that may fit into your Roombox diorama.

It is made of 4mm stable finnboard (More info here) Cut with a laser. The parts are simply plugged together and glued.

If you have a special idea and can't find any suitable miniatures, please write to me. I'll see if I have the right part in my archive. My scale is 1:12 but other scales are also possible.

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