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Miniature Country House Furniture

Miniature Country House Furniture

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Furniture for your magical Roombox Diorama, Book Nook or Dollhouse.

Size: Chair = Size: 10x3.5x3.5 cm Table = 7x7x7 cm Cabinet = 9.5x18x3.5 cm

* Scale 1:12


Make your own cupboard and paint it according to your wishes. You get the right decoration on a scale of 1:12 Here In the shop and you can find inspiration here on Pinterest .

The cabinet is already pre-assembled and the table and chair can simply be put together and glued. You can paint the cabinet with acrylic or other wood paints. The cabinet doors are put together and can be opened without hinges.

This small piece of furniture is designed by me and made in my small workshop in Diagon Alley. Would you rather have a finished closet, with or without decoration? Write me your wishes.

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