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Miniature 1:12 scale bookcase

Miniature 1:12 scale bookcase

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Miniature bookshelf kit.

Size: 18.3 cm high, 9.5 cm wide and 4cm deep


You can set up this shelf in a dollhouse, book nook or diorama. But it can also be decorated standing alone.

Choose between three different fronts as well as miniatures.

The miniatures include: 100 books (50 antique and 50 magic designs) and 3-4 miniatures from the 3D printer. These parts may differ from the photo, but always fit perfectly on the shelf.

The shelf is cut from 4mm Finnish cardboard and comes in individual parts that only have to be put together and glued according to the instructions.

You get the books and the 3D figures as a kit. The enclosed covers can be pasted over the books.

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