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Miniature desk or side table

Miniature desk or side table

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Miniature table kit

Size: 1:12 Scale

Desk-8x5x6 cm | 3.14961 in x 1.9685 in x 2.3622 in

Side table-4x5x6 cm (wide/low/high) 1.5748 in X 1.9685 in X 2.3622 in


Miniature table to design yourself. Whether you paint the piece of furniture dark, light or colorful, it will fit great in your Roombox Diorama, Book Nook or Dollhouse. The table is 1:12 scale and comes in individual parts. The parts made of finnboard are cut with a laser and fit perfectly together. You just need some wood glue and acrylic or other wood colors. So that the front can look like a drawer, you get two small knobs.

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