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Halloween Pumpkin Lighting Miniature Diorama

Halloween Pumpkin Lighting Miniature Diorama

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Miniature Halloween Pumpkin to illuminate and decorate Book Nook, Roombox Diorama or Dollhouse. Lighting kit for painting yourself.

Size: Scale 1:12*2.5 cm high and 2cm in diameter.

Size: 0.98 Inch high and 0.78 Inch diamond


Every diorama needs light and this magical little pumpkin provides an illuminated eye-catcher in your mini diorama.

The pumpkin is printed in the 3D printer with nocturnal material and lights up as soon as the light goes out. Decide whether you only want the pumpkin without light sources or including LED, switch and battery holder. The light set can be connected very easily and without prior electronic knowledge. Look here how it's done.

The light set is already pre-assembled, i.e. the LED, switches and battery holders are equipped with cables that are connected to one another after laying. The switch can be countersunk, the template for the cutout is included. The battery holder is for 2x AA batteries. Batteries are not included.

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